Golden Lotus in Jade Well - iPhone 11 Series & Earlier
Golden Lotus in Jade Well - iPhone 11 Series & Earlier
Golden Lotus in Jade Well - iPhone 11 Series & Earlier
Golden Lotus in Jade Well - iPhone 11 Series & Earlier
La Sonmai

Golden Lotus in Jade Well - iPhone 11 Series & Earlier

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Note: Since our products are fully handmade, each product will be unique with its own colors and effects. Please check our customer reviews photo for more details.

- Inspired by fairy tales in the history books, La Sonmai's artisans created the image of a blooming golden lotus. 

- We use gold for the lotus to present the mystery and nobility of the familiar lotus image in the Eastern culture. This is no longer a still life, the special visual effect of lacquer art makes us feel the Beauty and the Smell of this masterpiece.
- This work is crafted entirely through twenty stern steps of the traditional lacquer process.

Award-winning design. People love it, judges love it too.

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Passion & Craftmanship

The quest for La Sonmai is to create unique and original products that are beautiful to look at and practical to use in daily life. Our phone cases are not only a protection for your phone but also an exquisite accessories for your style.

Bring traditional art
to the world.

How it made

Traditional handicraft product

Lacquer was popularized and later perfected in Asia countries such as India, China, Korea and Japan. Lacquer technique has been developing and modernizing through many years and contributed to the world of fine art.

A time-honored handmade process

Each of our products is the result of a time-honored handmade process. It takes us 15 – 20 days and goes through 15 stages to complete one product. Not all products are successful in the first place, but many have failed to get a good product. Each case has 12 layers of lacquer, which make them durable, even in dry and cold weather. They are made to last!

Special materials

The final product must be pleasing to the eye and not lack in quality of design. To create different aspects and colors in one design, the artisans use special materials such as real gold and silver leafs, eggshells. These materials, with process of crafting lacquer ware, will highlight its beauty and glossy on the base of lacquer ware, which makes each product an artistic and unique painting.