About Our Story

Lacquer is considered one of the materials of painting in Vietnam. This is the research and development of technique of Vietnam traditional hand-painting into lacquer techniques. The palette of lacquer painting includes only the color of “canh gian” (cockroach wings), then (black), son (red), silver and gold, painted on a black background. In the early 1930s, the first Vietnamese artists at the Indochinese School of Fine Arts were searching for additional color materials such as eggshells, snails, bamboo shoots and especially grinding techniques to create unique lacquer techniques and authentic lacquer paintings.

In many art forms in Vietnam, La Sonmai has chosen lacquer art to produce our products because of its artistic value and longevity. Despite the industrial materials to create lacquer products, we still choose the traditional lacquer, requiring the diligence, patience along with time.


Decorative products made from lacquer such as paintings, decoration furniture have been very popular in Vietnam. However, for the purpose of bringing traditional values ​​into modern life, La Sonmai has researched and produced daily products from lacquer as phone case. We expect that today's generation in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular will not forget this art by seeing it everywhere.

La Sonmai artisans have studied unique, modern designs and used lacquer materials to express themselves vividly. Challenge for each artist is with the same design, but each one will have a different look, as all are made by hand and use natural materials such as lacquer from lacquer trees, powder colors from metal ore. Therefore, no two products are the same.

To produce one lacquer though small product, the process has to go through 12 days and many meticulous stages. Not all products are successful in the first place, but many have failed to get a good product. At La Sonmai, our quality inspection department with rigorous regulations ensure to provide our customers with the best quality products.

The quest for La Sonmai is to create unique and original products that are beautiful to look at and practical to use in daily life. Our phone cases are not only a protection for your phone but also an exquisite accessories for your style.